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Pottstown, Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Attorney, and Civil Litigation Lawyer

Pottstown is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Pottstown was laid out in 1752-53 and was named Pottsgrove in honor of its founder John Potts. D\When the Pottstown was incorporated in 1815 the old name was abandoned. Pottstown is the center of a productive farming and dairying region. Pottstown was known for its iron and steel industries in the past. In 1900 Pottstown had a population of 13,696 residents and as of the 2010 census, that number was estimated to be about 22,377 residents. Pottstown is home to the Yuengling brewery which is a very notable brewery based out of Pennsylvania.

Real Estate Lawyer in Pottstown, PA

Kenny, Burns & McGill can help high-level real estate investors to develop a corporate strategy and business structure that best suits the investor’s needs and long-term estate goals, including optimizing corporate governance through the acquisition of other entities.
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