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A terminally-ill client will be able to live out his final days in hospice care–instead of behind prison walls–thanks to the hard work of attorneys Eileen Burns and Tom Kenny. The Philadelphia judge who considered the merits of our Petition for Deferment of Sentence ordered today that our client be released from state prison and allowed to access necessary end-of-life care.

A deferment usually means that someone who is currently incarcerated will be let out of prison before their original sentence is due to expire. For this reason, successfully obtaining a deferment (or “deferral” or “furlough”) is very difficult. The fact that our client had initially been incarcerated on multiple felony convictions did not make this any easier.

Petitions for Deferment can be filed for many reasons. In this case, our Petition for Deferment argued that the judge should let our client out on “compassionate release,” as our client is no longer a flight risk or a risk to society, and his health is so poor that he needs end-of-life care far beyond that which a prison can provide.

While we recognize that our client still has a long battle ahead, we are glad to have provided him and his family with a little bit of comfort in an otherwise difficult situation. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or need help with a sentence that has already been imposed, please do not hesitate to contact us.