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When Amtrak’s Northeast Regional No. 188 pulled out of Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station on May 12, 2015, nobody expected what was to come next.

The train sped through the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia at more than twice the posted speed limit and derailed shortly after going around a curve. Eight passengers were killed in the accident and nearly all of the train’s 238 passengers sustained injuries, with varying degrees of severity.

One such passenger, Adriana Passamano, suffered injuries to her neck, back and hip, tooth and jaw, and will be permanently disabled as a result. She hired Kenny, Burns & McGill to handle her personal injury claims against Amtrak. Attorney Thomas Kenny filed suit in federal court in order to recover the money Ms. Passamano spent on her medical bills, as well as any monies due to her for her immense pain and suffering.

By early August, Mr. Kenny obtained a settlement from Amtrak and withdrew his federal lawsuit. His settlement was among the very first in the entire incident. While a confidentiality agreement prevents the disclosure of the total settlement amount, Mr. Kenny had this to say about the outcome of the case:

 “Our client is very satisfied with the result. Her family went through great pain and suffering throughout this terrible ordeal and she is just happy to move on with her life.” –Attorney Thomas Kenny, quoted in Reuters.

Kenny, Burns & McGill handles all manner of civil litigation cases, from personal injuries (such as those sustained by Ms. Passamano) to business disputes and real estate matters. If you or a loved one have been hurt in any sort of accident, please contact us for a free consultation and to learn how we can help.